Raiser's Edge Consulting

Data Management Outsourcing

Many nonprofits are finding that the best and most cost-effective way to manage their data needs is to outsource their data department. Our data experts can manage all of your organization's day-to-day data tasks through remote access, including gift entries, acknowledgement letters, receipts,  event reservations, donor recognition letters, and custom reports.

Staffing(Interim and Ongoing)- When you need extra help, we serve as your Raiser's Edge administrator. You get lists, letters and reports you need to keep your fundraising going strong.

Data Conversion and Cleaning

Every nonprofit needs clean and accurate donor and prospect data stored in one central location in a ready-to-use format.  Many organizations, however, store their data in multiple locations and in multiple formats, such as spreadsheets, reports, event lists, and presentations.  This scattershot method creates inefficiencies and duplications.  Nahas Data Source conversions range from summary conversions to detailed transactional conversions from prior years.  Nahas Data Source will recommend appropriate software to meet your specific needs, then design and implement a data integration, cleaning, and conversion plan to put your valuable donor data to work.

Effective Reporting and Accurate Lists

We examine your prospect list and fundraising reporting needs, then help you generate consistent, reliable mailing lists, letters and reports with ease. We emphasize the powerful query and reporting tools that come with the system, unlocking their full potential, without resorting to complex custom reporting or Excel!

Customized Training in Best Practices

In addition to providing training tailored to the needs of your organization, the Nahas Data Source team can generate customized user manuals that will serve as a road map for your entire team.

Information Management Assessment

Using our comprehensive audit, we can assess your nonprofit's information management system to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, then recommend solutions that will dramatically improve your data department.

Efficient Document Business Practices

We design and document best practices for your organization, emphasizing efficiency and ease of use. Ensuring you are using the system consistently. We have hundreds of documents and dozens of flowcharts to share.

Extending the System

We offer services to extend your system, including data integration and Education Edge integration assistance.

Supporting Fundraising Strategies

We enlist the most appropriate features to support your key fundraising methods, such as direct mail, moves management, grants and special events.

Donor Communications

Ongoing communication of your vision and accomplishments with your donors is essential to maintaining and growing these relationships. Nahas Data Source will create targeted mailing lists that allow you to communicate effectively with different segments of your donor and prospect base.

High-quality donor data and organizational success go hand in hand.  No matter what the root causes are, the consequences of bad data are the same: loss of productivity, missed opportunities, and diminished resources.

For more information on how Nahas Data Source can help you address your organization's data needs, please contact us at [email protected].

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